8 thoughts on “A Fish out of Water”

  1. Writers need chroniclers as well as just readers to get the news out that there is a new book to be read and enjoyed. And many of these small-publisher books are terrific. They just don’t have the big publishing company behind them, just word of mouth. But Facebook and those Tweets reach scads of people who just might find a new author to entertain them for several hours. I have met many writers on Facebook and have bought their books and a few have even returned the favor. But as a reader as well as a writer, I enjoy seeing what others are doing. My book shelves (plural) and Kindle are loaded with new finds. So thanks, Jaxon, for taking the time to not only read some of my work, but reviewing it, too. Some of your reviews have led to me purchasing some authors that I would have never known.

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    1. Thanks Gayle, for the comment.
      A chronicler I certainly am! I write briefly about a lot of things and I read a lot of books (or listen to them via audio). BUT I CONFESS I don’t often take the time to review them. YOU are wonderful at doing that! I should do better. I know you post them where you can, but you (or anyone who reviews good books) can send them to me and I will post them on my “Here’s How It Happened” blog as well! And pump them.
      PS: In the FISH COLORING PAGE, I am the one hiding in the tall grass at the bottom right. Haha!

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  2. Jackie, good writing is always appreciated, no matter what you write. Novels, newspaper articles, or jokes (I’m sharing the snail joke with everyone), it’s all about the quality of the words and how they touch an audience. I guarantee something you have written has inspired a reader – to read the book or see the play you reviewed, to follow in the footsteps of someone you profiled in the newspaper, to become a journalist like yourself.

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    1. Thanks, Miko. I’ve gotten good feedback for my articles and stories over the years. This year I want to return the favor to my fellow writers here on The Writers In Residence and elsewhere. I hope to support them and their books, stories, blogs, and writing journeys even more … in the six ways I’ve suggested in my posting above.


  3. Oh, Jackie, I am honored to be swimming in the same pond with you! And I’m not saying that lightly. I’ve stopped counting how many times things you’ve said, done, posted about…have inspired me with a new idea or a twist to a new idea. For example, just in this post, the fish drawing started me on mystery story path involving doodling by a murder victim (or the protagonist maybe) that are artistic, and of different animals, and, and, and…. Haven’t flushed the whole idea out yet.

    And by the way, loved, “…did you hear the one about why the French like to eat snails? It’s because they hate fast food! Get it? FAST food, SLOW snails?” To me, this cute little joke says a lot about French culture and American culture–and in my mind then extended to writing styles! See, you’ve done it again, started me off on a train of writing thought…

    Loved your post.

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    1. Madeline, your are a awesome friend indeed. Thanks for the kudos, and for posting on Facebook. I’m glad to have inspired you… but most times I don’t even know I do it! HAHA. But isn’t that how it goes? We get sparks of insight, inspirations, ideas from the weirdest places. Not that I am weird or anything.
      A few days ago I got an idea for one of my kids’ stories by hearing someone talk about how another person always said “No.” I got the idea for “Peter’s No’s” which can be confused in the story with “Peter’s Nose!” Hey!! Maybe that’s how Pinocchio got started! Oh! Now, I’m thinking of puppets…. a puppet show or a skit? put on by the kids? for whom? How with the no’s/noes aspect work out? Hmm. Will there be lies? What will be the lessons? WHO is/will be Peter?
      Ahem… where was I? Oh yeah, keep on writing those lovely atmospheric mysteries you write, Madeline! I promise to post some reviews this year for you and the others.


  4. Jackie – I always love your ‘ramblings.’ They are thoughtful, smart and very entertaining. I think you are a gifted writer, too – and hope you will turn your hand to novel writing. If you ever get the time! We love to hear about your adventures in every day life and your enthusiastic support of us fellow-blog writers is wonderful….. Keep rambling on….

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