11 thoughts on “IN SHORT…”

  1. Bonnie,
    First, Congrats on your contest win, and second, thank you for providing suggestions for entering contests. There are now millions of books being published – all on amazon, I guess – and finding markets is daunting. I didn’t put much faith in contests but I recently entered a Goodreads Giveaway, and 1,607 people entered for a copy of my new 9/11 novel so, as you suggest, it is a great way to promote your book. Thank you, and happy contesting.

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  2. Oh Bonnie, so glad to hear from you through this excellent post! I’m up early because my dog LeBeau thinks it’s time to go walking–fortunately not because of an earthquake! I wasn’t in CA during the earthquake, but I’ve heard several people talk about it, and your story-take on it sounds great. I want to read as soon as it’s available someplace! I enter contests, only reached honorable mention in any of them, but just that has made me feel grand, so you must be on cloud-nine. BIG congrats to you. Great post to start my morning!

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    1. Thanks, Mad! Hey, honorable mention is a win in my book. I am really thrilled about the Cabin’s acceptance. They’re a Big Deal in Boise.


  3. Congratulations on your contest win, Bonnie. And thanks for the good advice. Research is vital when entering a writing competition. After all, how can you give them what they want if you don’t know what that is?

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  4. Bonnie, You make some great points about submitting to various anthologies. Not all are worth your time. And since some do ask for a fee, making sure you at least have a chance is a good plan. And even a non-fiction entry might just be the right thing for writers. We all learn some interesting things along the way, and not just about how to write, but also a little about living. The old Reader’s Digest had some very good stories that were fact, not fiction. Thanks for your post. And congratulation on getting in the elusive publication.

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  5. Bonnie, I well remember the Northridge quake! The quake that kept on giving. And giving. I looked up The Cabin and they have some wonderful programs. I never think about contests, so I’m glad you wrote this encouraging post. Congrats on winning that prestigious contest.

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