11 thoughts on “Writing about Northern Ireland during World War II.”

  1. Fascinating! Many thanks, Jackie, for the interview with a writer who gives such great insight into all three countries. We rarely read about them in this light. Always great to enlarge our understanding of such worldwide events and how they affect people.

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  2. What an interesting collection of stories. Thank you, Dianne, for posting on our blog today. The era of WWII is always ripe for stories, and seeing it from another country and perspective is illuminating for us Yanks.

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  3. I love finding out more about oft-neglected areas and Dianne, you have a gold-mine of insiders’ personal tales here from Northern Ireland during WWII. And Jackie, you always find the best people to interview and the right questions! Thanks.

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  4. Thank you, Dianne, for sharing the fruits of your research into such a fascinating time and place in history. I remember you posting on another blog, but don’t recall which one.


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