7 thoughts on “Why Short Stories?”

  1. Travis and Ann–excellent post and I enjoyed the concept of “Author Speed Dating”–too much fun! And I agree about short stories; for many years when the New Yorker arrives, I rush to the “fiction”–typically a brilliant short story. I will buy and read your book–intriguing!


  2. Travis, Thank you for guesting today and talking about one of my favorite subjects: the short story. People might think it’s easier to write than a novel, but it takes time, patience, and a lot of skill to cut out what isn’t needed and put in only what enhances and advances the story. Thanks, my friend, for joining us today.


  3. My first published fiction was a short story that won an award. I’m sure it’s no surprise, then, that I enjoy short stories! So glad you were a guest here today, Travis.


  4. What an interesting concept. (Bloodshot and Bruised) Author Speed-dating sounds like a trip! How brave you must be. Pitching to agents? A challenge. Pitching to readers? Terrifying! Thank you for sharing.


  5. Travis,
    Like you, I love short stories, and plan to devote myself to writing them from this point. My first published work was a short. They’re not easier, just shorter! Thanks for sharing your elevator speech.


  6. I, too, love short stories. Like Maggie, my first published work was a short story–mine was in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine way back in the 80s…loved that magazine and several others from those days…fond memories. Congrats on your accomplishments!

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  7. I have always envied short-story writers for the very reasons you mention. You really, really have to do a lot of editing to get your story told well in such a short space. Well done, Travis – and welcome!


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