by Linda O. Johnston

Climbing Books


What is it like to make progress in your life and in your writing? 

It’s wonderful!

When I was younger, making progress often consisted of reviewing a real estate contract for my law career.  And negotiating it. And eventually getting it to the point that the parties were willing to execute it.

Or, it could be helping one of our sons with homework or choosing the next school he’d be attending and working on the details to get him there.

Or, always, getting one of our Cavalier pups to obey our commands. Of course, we always obey theirs.

Pencil 2

And of course progress included writing a new novel or proposal, and getting it accepted by a publisher, then finishing it, and finishing it well.

At the moment, progress is still getting both writing and editing accomplished, plus promotion, too.

I’m currently under contract for four Harlequin Romantic Suspense books.  So what is my progress there?  WDeadlineell, I’ve finished manuscripts for the first two.  I’ve also completed initial edits for the first one after I received changes and questions from the editor, and I sent it back this week–and already received the final version back to review.  I need to make more progress there! With the second, I’ll review the completed manuscript once more and send it off next week before the deadline.

I’ve just begun working on the third, and face a tight deadline that I intend to meet.

So, happily, I’m making progress, even considering all the time I have and don’t have to write. I’ve been busy promoting the last mystery I was under contract for, plus I’ve been participating in a lot of events. For example, I’ll be at the California Crime Writers Conference next weekend, where I’ll be on a panel about having a long-time career.

Yes, I’ve had a lot of progress points in my career, which I’m always happy about.

So what is progress in your life? In your writing and/or reading?

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11 thoughts on “Progress!”

  1. Excellent post, Linda, in that you got me really thinking about what “making progress” means for me. Definitely different from other periods of my life…but now? Thanks for getting my mental-juices going this morning.

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  2. Echoing what Mad said, we all move progressively in many areas. Some may not be toward what we want as a writer’s goal, but they are movements and conclusions that show we can accomplish things, many things, in life and that fact says we can also progress toward those goals that are what we truly want to be. Great inspiration, Linda.

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  3. Jackie’s Progress Report: Doesn’t apply herself to her writing aspirations. Is easily distracted by opportunities to travel. Needs more discipline and less procrastination/fewer excuses.
    GRADE: C

    Well, you asked…

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  4. Right now I’m helping my husband recover from knee replacement. I did a LOT of reading while he was in the hospital. He had complications that I won’t go into here—besides he’s doing ok now, just has to endure my “coaching.” The reading has given me much needed temporary escape. My writing is derailed, but I know that’s temporary. I consider this period to be one of collecting ideas. Oh, if only I lived closer to the CCWC—it sounds like a great conference. Great post on progress, measured in so many ways.


  5. Linda – I am always so impressed by the progress you make: you are so prolific. I am in awe of the number of books you write and the fact you write several different series and genres. You are an inspiration with your progress!
    I will see you at the California Crime Writers Conference. I, too, am on a panel – about historic research: ‘Bringing The Past To Life’ on Saturday morning. See you there!


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