Something New?

by Linda O. Johnston

I love what I write, and I want to do more of it. I’m currently writing for two Harlequin Romantic Suspense series, their long-running Colton books and my own Shelter of Secrets series, as well as a mystery series called Alaska Untamed for Crooked Lane Books under my first pseudonym, Lark O. Jensen. I enjoy them all and have new books coming soon in each of them.

But my mind is at work on, yes, something new. Not sure what yet, but it’ll quite possibly be a mystery series. And it’ll have romance in it. And it’ll definitely have at least one dog.

That’s who I am, and what I write.

How did I become that way? I’ve developed my writing persona over a lot of years, and I write the kinds of things I like best.

But how about you? What is your favorite genre to write in? Your favorite kinds of characters? Any quirks, like mine of including dogs whenever possible? And do your favorite ideas morph over time or stay the same?

Think about it now. If you were going to change what you’re writing, how would you determine what came next? I have to admit I do ponder that a lot, though I recognize I’m fairly set in my ways.

Or do you always try something new? Or do you prefer staying with a particular genre?

I suppose that kind of pondering is part of the creative process. Writers write. And think. And plot. And create characters and stories, and even their own futures, to some extent.

It’s certainly who I am and what I do. And you?

14 thoughts on “Something New?”

  1. Whoa, sorry this didn’t go live earlier. Not sure what happened. But… I am very curious as to what that “new thing” that you will try will be. Will it be a “Big Book” like Hannah Dennison is working on? Will it be a Memoir like Rosemary Lord is attempting? Gayle Bartos-Pool says everyone has a story – so… what new story will it be, Linda? Can’t wait.

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  2. I have always liked mysteries and most of my books are in that genre, but my dad was a pilot in the Air Force and since the USAF acts as the wings of the CIA and I like spy stuff, I wrote three spy novels. But then I collect Santas and wrote three Christmas books plus a few other books that were based on things I learned while being a private detective in real life. So I guess I write what I know and what I like, and just like you, Linda, I occasionally have a dog show up to help out. When I write my next novel I am going to link most of those characters into one story because all my characters know each other. Hey, that’s the way I write.

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  3. Interesting post, Linda. The line “I write the kind of things I like best” got my attention. I’d always heard “write what you know” or “write the genre you read”, but I agree with your philosophy. I write mostly about an era of history that fascinates me. Even though I rarely read historical fiction, I read a great deal of non-fiction. However, I prefer the more “believable” realm of fiction.

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    1. Thanks, Miko. I guess what I know, and the genres I read, are the kinds of things I tend to like best anyway, so my writing in those genres makes most sense to me.

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  4. I agree with Jill about being a work in progress. At this point, I enjoy writing mysteries the most, although I no longer have to have a dead body. But most of my stories have a cat or two, and I’m sure they’ll continue to show up.

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      1. Not to worry, my cats don’t talk to each other. Lol. As for as no-dead-body mysteries, I wrote one with an attempted murder, and am working on one involving a hunt for a hidden treasure. Think Nancy Drew. But for the most part, someone is killed.

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  5. Well … first of all … I am in AWE of how many hats you are juggling Linda. Not only that, each series you write is different and I know because I’ve read them! You are incredibly prolific. As for me – yes, I’m writing that book I have banged on about for years (FINALLY) – it’s sort of a psychological women’s fiction/suspense. Miraculously I’m able to write that for an hour or so, make a cup of coffee and then sit down and write the mystery. No problem at all. I didn’t think I could do that so it’s encouraged me to think of other genres I’d like to tackle e.g. historical – although the thought of all that research thrills and intimidates me at the same time. I love your post because it validates that saying that writers just write – whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. We don’t have to be pigeon-holed into one particular box. BTW I had a dormouse in one of my Honeychurch series once … it’s always lovely to have an animal!

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    1. That’s so sweet, Hannah, and I’m delighted that you read my books! And I’m impressed that you can juggle a couple of genres at once. How fun that you included a dormouse in a book!


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