Jumpstart 2018 with Education

Face it. Those brain cells need refreshing. They’ve been hard at work on your work-in-progress, and they need a fresh focus so they can rejuvenate.

Our own G.B. Pool will appear at the Glendale Central Library with author Mike Belefer to teach a short story workshop on January 20th.  anatomy-book-cover

If you aren’t in the area, you can find Gayle’s Anatomy of a Short Story Workbook on Amazon.

Hope to see you there!


Gayle and Mike



6 thoughts on “Jumpstart 2018 with Education”

  1. Looking forward to this New Year and this new class that I will be doing with Mike Befeler. He will talk about his writing career, both short stories as well as novels, and than I will do my one-hour plus talk on The Anatomy of a Short Story. I have a few new bells and whistles for this venture. Come on down.


  2. I just love Gayle’s writing workshops. Each time I learn so many new things. And I look forward to hearing Mike, too.


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