4 thoughts on “The Real Meaning of Memorial Day”

  1. There have been many members of my family in the military, but none who died there. I do have friends – one family in particular – whose 19 year old son died in Iraq. I grieve with them, but also salute their young man. He was fearless and good.


  2. Richard's brother, Tommy, died in Vietnam. He was 20. He served proudly in the Marines – for God and country. We also put the flag out everyday. They are never forgotten.


  3. Like Jackie, we have had many family members serving in the military, but none who died there. But, like so many others, we have too many friends who lost loved-ones while serving. My nephew in England has done two tours in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. We are blessed that he returned to us. I am proud of, and thankful to, those who died serving their countries. Thank you: we shall never forget.


  4. Both of my uncles were Marines and served in WW II and Korea. One went on to serve in Viet Nam also. Both survived their tours of duty but their experiences left a mark. I am profoundly grateful to our armed services members for keeping us safe.


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