‘THE END’… Naah – not really…!   

                      By Rosemary Lord

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So, how d’you like our Blog’s new look?

We weren’t ready to call it a day! We just needed a change – a fresh view. And we have two new writers joining us in our blog sandbox: Hannah Dennison and Maggie King.  What fun. Just in time for the holidays.

The holidays… so soon?! As we gallop towards the year end, one tries not to panic, not to think of all the things one had intended to do, to complete. But never quite got there.  The short stories not written, the scattered memoir attempted, the unfinished novels. A half-finished website comes to my mind. Hmmm.

Perhaps, instead, stop for a moment to remember what we have accomplished. Fer starters –  we’ve all written our Blogs for this shared writers’ venture. Look back at the unforeseen distractions life gave us. All the positive, unexpected things we’ve done this year. The new people we have met or old acquaintances with whom we’ve re-connected. Those shared memories are often inspiration for the next tome we attempt.

I’ve done masses of research for different projects – that’s always my favorite. Made wonderful discoveries that set my mind charging down different avenues. I’ve done a quick script outline for a couple of new projects – even if they’re not yet completed. Well, at least I started.

Lots of de-cluttering, re-decorating, re-planting, re-designing was accomplished with new, fresh eyes. Another diversion prevalent this year was travel.  I think a lot of us, so relieved to be allowed out of our Covid-cages, have travelled far and wide. Therefore, we’ll forgive ourselves for that wonderful distraction and appreciate the terrific story ideas and new characters we have encountered along the way. Ideas and characters just waiting to be poured out onto the blank page.

I’ve been reading a lot, too. Especially on plane journeys. And, as the days get shorter, who doesn’t like to curl with a good book. (When I should have been finishing my writing!) I think my Kindle said 51 books this year! Although I have abandoned quite a few after a couple of chapters. And I have shelves of new REAL books!

I have re-read, for the umpteenth time, some of Rosamund Pilcher’s wonderful escapist novels. Her ‘Winter Solstice’ is especially timely. It’s about a group of strangers who find themselves stranded together in the snow over the Christmas holidays in Scotland.

But I’ve also been finding new, younger writers; lots of ‘finding-oneself’ novels set on far flung shores, many of them self-published, so they have a different voice, different settings and different styles. A different way of writing. It’s opened up my eyes to new options.

But I sometimes find myself getting frustrated at the endings. I like a satisfying ending. I want questions answered, problems solved and nuanced solutions to characters and relationships. But sometimes, in these new books, it’s as if the writer suddenly noticed their word-count and decided to jump to ‘The End.’

Hey! Not so quick! You can’t just hurry up and finish. That’s not fair!  

The intrepid old standby, ‘Who? What? When? Where? Why?’ seems to be missing a syllable or two. The journey we create on the written page needs to lead us in that direction, that ties up all the bits and pieces. Instead I find myself asking – “but what about so-and-so?” Or, “How did that come about – that was quick!”

I’ve been tempted to write my own version –  a new chapter of the book I’m reading, that really wraps up everything. And sometimes I have become so invested in characters, that I want to know more about them. Where did they go after that particular drama was solved. Again, my imagination has come up with intriguing storylines for the next episode in their lives.

I often get annoyed when film makers produce a copy-cat version of a classic movie. Well, a cheap, poor, knock-off, really. Why don’t they instead write and produce a sequel – or a prequel. That would be much more creative. Why don’t they use their imagination, instead of trying to duplicate someone else’s talent? Or why don’t they write a “What If…”? What if Romeo and Juliet had not died so young? Would they have lived happily ever after, with half a dozen children running around Verona? Would they have stayed together? What work or careers would they have pursued? That gets one thinking… 

Do you ever think of writing a new ending to someone else’s story? Or even a new beginning. That’s even more important. There are a couple of characters I’ve encountered recently, that I’m thinking of ‘borrowing’ and installing them in a totally different book.

As you can see, my mind is all over the place at the moment. My unfinished To Do list lurks just outside of my grasp, with my promises of “- soon…any minute now…”

But I’m inspired by our New-Look Blog page and by my fresh, yet seasoned,  eyes on my own writing, as we emerge from our Covid cocoon.

Refreshed. Re-energized. Ready for tomorrow.  Ready to write some more – and keep reading….


(This blog entry was posted by Gayle Bartos-Pool for the wonderful Rosemary Lord. Thanks for dropping by.)

18 thoughts on “‘THE END’… Naah – not really…!   ”

  1. As usual you have kept us in the real world even though we might like to disappear into a good book, but as you said, sometimes those books have an ending we might not like or know we would rewrite if given the chance. But the fact does make us rethink how we write our own stories because sometimes the ending might actually be better if we reexamine the journey our characters are taking and find an even better outcome. Thanks Rosie. I always enjoy posting your blog because I get to read it first.

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    1. As usual, thanks for posting this for me, Gayle. Besides, now you’re on East Coast time – you have a head start on us West Coasters! The turmoil we’ve been through in these recent years really does make us re-think so much. Especially with our writing.

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  2. So much to digest, Rosemary, from your wide-ranging inspiring thoughts on writing and reading, giving us many of our own to contemplate. So great to experience the creative joy you feel that is so beautifully expressed here, and the positive, uplifting suggestions you present. Yes, I love the banner, too, and it certainly brings a fresh look to our site, as do all of the writings our members and guests offer. Looks like we are all bouncing back in time for a brand new start in the new year.

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    1. Thanks, Jill. (Another blog writer on East Coast Time!) I really think we are finally bouncing back – each in our own way. I love the idea of this really fresh start in the new year, after stumbling along for too long!


  3. Rosemary, your post reminded me of the time I heard about the release of a best-selling author’s latest novel. The plotline sounded silly, and I immediately conceived what I considered a much better story idea based on the premise. It turned into a story published in the anthology, Write Around Whidbey. Bad stories can stimulate good ideas, as we all can learn from others’ mistakes. One of my film school professors believed adapting a script from a badly written book was better than using a classic, as the beauty lay more in the writing than the plot. I tend to agree.

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    1. That’s such a good idea, Miko. And it opens up a whole new realm if we can now objectively look at some of our literary ‘sacred cows’ and re-imagine some of them. Lots of new inspiration!


  4. What a fun idea, Rosie–rewriting someone else’s ending. But that would potentially be time-consuming, and I need to concentrate on my own writing. Let us know if you ever actually do it, though. And I’m delighted that our blog is continuing and has a fun new look!


  5. I know about the time-consuming, Linda! And you’re so busy with your prolific publishing commitments. anyway! And hasn’t this New Look given us bloggers a boost of energy?!


  6. Thanks for reintroducing us and highlighting our new look. We’ll take a peek at the two new gals before the end of the year. As we say… stay tuned!
    Best of luck Rosemary on getting your cherished writing done. You DO have a soothing way with words and I look forward to your stories… or memoir.


    1. Thank you, Jackie – and for doing the ‘techie’ work to pull this New Look Blog together!
      I’m really excited about this fresh start….


      1. Rosemary I’m currently in Pennsylvania visiting my family with Lynn this time. We first went to Georgia (hot and humid). Here it’s cool and sunny. Dropping to 35 at night. Loving seeing my family again.


  7. The new banner is definitely energizing. Rosemary, your comments about rewriting an ending made me think of LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE. I read the book before seeing the TV series and the endings were completely different. I wouldn’t say one was better than the other, but I did wonder why they changed it. Maybe input from a focus group? But there have definitely been endings I would have changed. So far I haven’t, but maybe someday …

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    1. Welcome, Maggie, fellow-blogger! Glad you like the new banner. I know you have supported and commented with us for a long time. Now you’re ‘family.’ And, yes, it’s curious isn’t it, thinking about different endings – and such fun re-writing an unsatisfactory end!


  8. Sorry I’m late to the party, Rosie, but finally got here and liked and identified with so much in your post…especially when it comes to endings! Our blog looks great! Thank you, thank you to all for your great ideas and hard work!
    Just saw on TV a commercial with Santa in it!


    1. Hi Mad – (I knew it was you from the photo! Dead giveaway!) glad you like the new look blog. Sorry I’m late to the party is responding.
      And glad you enjoyed my ramblings! So – Christmas is coming to Route 66 as well. Where does the time go?…..


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