A Jump On June

Yes, it’s June already. The beginning of the sixth month of the year. 

As always, this year is going fast. And also as always, I think about what I have accomplished so far. 

Is that something you do too?

 If you’re a writer, how much have you written? 

You’re probably a reader to be checking in on this blog site, so how much have you read so far? 

What else do you have planned for this year? How far along are you now—where you wanted to be? 

For me, it’s been a good year so far. I’ve had two new books published, both in May: my first Alaska Untamed Mystery for Crooked Lane Books, BEAR WITNESS, under my first pseudonym, Lark O. Jensen, and my Harlequin Romantic Suspense second Shelter of Secrets story, GUARDIAN K-9 ON CALL. I’ve got another scheduled for later this year and one that’s not yet scheduled. And I’m working on another for which I’m on deadline, making progress.

 As a reader—well, I’m always reading. Because my time is sometimes limited I wish I could be reading more, but at least I’m enjoying the books I’ve started and finished. 

Other stuff? Well, we have a new puppy so part of my plans include training and playing, which I do a lot. And making sure she gets along with our older pup, which has been working out fine. 

More plans? Well, we have some trips coming up to see family, always fun. 

So, I feel as if I’m doing fine this year though I hope to do even more. 

How about you?

14 thoughts on “A Jump On June”

  1. June? For it means: writing Sunday School curriculum for FOUR more weeks then hosting a party for my graduates. It means working at a weekend Hot Rod Car show over Father’s Day Weekend. It means lots of gardening – planting, sprucing, clean-up, and harvesting early veggies/fruits. It means remembering my Mom and Stepdad, whose birthdays are both in mid-June.
    And…it means updating a Patriotic short story and submitting it to an online magazine.

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  2. Sounds like a great half year for you, Linda! Bravo on your writing accomplishments, and yeah on new puppy! Yes, it’s also a month for me to “take stock,” but for me it’s not good. Nothing but sitting around doing nothing! So your post is an excellent motivator (kick-in-the backside)–THANK YOU.

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  3. Congratulations on your impressive and growing resume, Linda. Although I feel like a slacker next to you, compared to the last two years, this has been a fruitful and productive one for me, in part due to a long winter and nonexistent spring, which arrived yesterday. Writing-wise, my new book should be out by the end of the month, with the reissue of the first three novels in the series following, and my mystery is on track to come out before the end of the year. I’ve been on a non-fiction reading streak of late, but with summer coming I’ll switch back to fiction. And gardening. And socializing. And traveling. And….

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    1. You’re hardly a slacker, Miko! And I’m delighted to hear about all you’re accomplishing this year. Congrats on the new book! And have fun with all the rest.


  4. I, too, feel like a slacker when I read how much you’ve accomplished, Linda! Heck, a new puppy alone is a full-time job, but you’ve kept up your writing momentum on top of that. Great. I’ve been immersed in getting my first two novels back in distribution since my publisher closed its doors, and it’s a steep learning curve, but I’m inching toward the finish line on one of them this month. I shall use you as a role model to be more productive!!

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  5. You’re hardly a slacker, Bonnie! Best of luck in getting your novels back out there soon and in a good way. And that’s certainly a compliment, that you’d use me as a role model, but you’re productive anyway!


  6. Linda – what a timely reminder of what we have accomplished so far. We sometimes get so busy that we forget… And, as for you, I am always so impressed with your prolific output. You manage to complete so many books and see their publication that I am, frankly, envious but also inspired! Thanks, Linda.

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    1. It’s always fun to me when I stop and think and ponder what’s been going on and what’s been accomplished. And thanks for your compliments, Rosemary!


  7. Linda, congrats on all those new projects, published and forthcoming, and itis only June! . The new puppy sounds wonderful. I truly believe that working – and in our cases, writing – keeps our brains active. I am taking a French class wherein we write short stories, so I can combine both interests. You are certainly an inspiration, Linda.

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    1. I admire you for taking a French class where you write stories! I used to speak fluent French but I’m really rusty. That kind of class as a refresher sounds really good to me. And thanks for your congrats and compliments!


  8. Linda, You are always astounding me with your output. I am working on two separate projects in the writing realm, a memoir and the third Chance McCoy book. I want to finish the memoir first or at least the first draft before I give my full attention to Chance’s new adventures. The memoir is full of pictures since I have 40 scrapbooks full of memories. It has been a trip just going through them. But you continue to inspire us all. And I’m glad you added a new furry face to your family.

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    1. How fun that you’re working on a memoir, Gayle! Have fun with the photos and the memories. And yes, we’re enjoying the new furry face along with our older pup.


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