The Joys of Waiting

It’s almost August, 2021. That’s the month my next book is being published, although it’s available some places already.

It’s HER UNDERCOVER REFUGE, the first in my new Shelter of Secrets miniseries for Harlequin Romantic Suspense.  That miniseries is a spin-off of another, also for HRS, that was called K-9 Ranch Rescue.

 And I’m delighted to have HER UNDERCOVER REFUGE published!  My last novel was published in February 2020, and that’s a long time between books for me.

It’s my 54th traditionally published novel, so most often there have been several a year. Was this gap a result of COVID? I don’t think so, unlike a lot of things that seem to be delayed these days. It just was.

 So how can you plan for a lot of traditionally published books to be published, and have several come out each year? I don’t really know!

Oh, it helps to write for more than one publisher. I’ve tended to write cozy mysteries and Harlequin romances at the same time.

And it helps also to write for different lines for the same publisher.  I’ve written for Harlequin Romantic Suspense and Harlequin Nocturne at the same time. However, Nocturne, their paranormal line, will no longer be published.

These days, a lot of people self-publish. I ponder that now and then, and may do it someday. But while I have good relationships with traditional publishers, I’ll probably hang out there some more.

Am I writing for anyone other than Harlequin now?  Yes. My first Alaska Untamed mystery, BEAR WITNESS, will be published next February by Crooked Lane.

Oh, and in the meantime, my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense, UNCOVERING COLTON’S FAMILY SECRET, part of the Coltons of Grave Gulch miniseries, will be a November 2021 release.

So although there’d been a bit of a gap between my last published novel and my current one, I’m delighted to say there’ll be more soon. I am working on my next Colton book in the next HRS miniseries. And I’m hoping for even more beyond that!

And you? What’s your preferred way of writing and publishing?

Either way, or both, I hope you’re highly successful!

11 thoughts on “The Joys of Waiting”

  1. Well, Linda, I just went back to bed after arising an hour earlier. It’s 6.34 a.m. here on the East Coast and after digesting your post I became smitten with a sudden case of lethargy, forcing me to hop back in. Huge congratulations on all of your books and plans for more. And more. And more. Even just typing that many must give you exceptionally flexible fingers and a brain that is constantly a-buzzing. You are amazing. hanks for the heads-up on the new books. Your output is mind-blowing.

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    1. I do like to think that my fingers, and my brain, are buzzing a lot. Lots of ideas, without always having the time to do anything about them. Thanks for the compliments!

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  2. You are so prolific, Linda. That does inspire other writers to keep going no matter what roadblocks come their way. Congrats on your latest and the others coming down the pipeline. They each have such interesting plots and characters.

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    1. If I can inspire others, all the better! I always try to encourage other writers. Though what we do is solitary, it always helps to be able to share it and discuss it with others. Thanks for the congrats!

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  3. Linda – I, too, am always so amazed at how prolific you are. Your success is well deserved. And your dexterity of mind – as well as typing fingers – is impressive. What an inspiration. Thanks!


  4. Congratulations, Linda! Not just on your latest book (you are amazingly prolific-Kudos!) But on the energy and embrace the writing world attitude you exude. I too, (had to smile at Jill’s comment) have hopped back in bed and stretched out on the couch several times this morning. You’ve inspired me to get “a writing!” Thanks.


    1. Thanks! It makes me feel good to think I may be inspiring someone. Now, if only I really had the energy you’re suggesting and write as fast these days as I used to…!


    1. Thanks, Maggie. And as I said before, it makes me feel good to believe I might be an inspiration–even though I don’t deserve it! 🙂


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