Holidays and Writing by Linda O. Johnston

Dec. 25 Calendar Happy Day After Christmas, everyone!  

Yes, major holidays of this year are now behind us.  The next will be New Year’s Day, the beginning of 2019.  And how are writers handling this season? 

CalendarEnjoyably, I hope.  That’s true for me, at least.  I’ve been having fun with planned events and meals with family and even one surprise when a wonderful family member dropped in unexpectedly for a day.  I even had to break away when I was writing this to make a reservation for a bunch of us to attend a special movie together–which will take up some more time. 

Of course all of that, as delightful as it is, had its effects on writing.  I am working on something with a deadline that I still can’t discuss, but that doesn’t mean I can take the holiday season off.  I just get in what writing I can when I can.

 That’s probably true of all of you who are writers, and even some of you who aren’t.  If you have a full time job, whether or not you’re a writer, too, you probably know in advance which days you’ll have off, but those can also be taken up with family adventures–and/or shopping. 


So what do you do?  How do you handle the holidays and whatever work you may be doing?  I’ve found that if I attempt to plan much in advance, I still have to remain flexible –such has that wonderful visit from a family member, as well as one afternoon taken up with accompanying family to a delightful rendition of The Nutcracker Suite ballet…and that upcoming movie.

 I’m considering appropriate New Year’s resolutions, but the best I can come up with so far is, yes, stay flexible and keep busy, as appropriate. 

I hope you enjoy what’s left of this year–and have a wonderful 2019!



16 thoughts on “Holidays and Writing by Linda O. Johnston”

  1. Linda, you managed to fit everything in with a happy heart and your flexibility. I am taking a three-month hiatus from attending club meetings – that includes four writers clubs and a film crew (as head boy and clapper girl) in order to write a novel for a client. I think most writers find a way to fit everything in – or, like me, take a hiatus from the world in order to complete a book. My three-month hiatus starts January 1, although this blog and our great lunches continue.

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  2. I have some big things coming up in 2019. I’d love to look ahead and see how they all come about. But alas (yes, I actually said that), I’ll have to be patient -and flexible, as you said, Linda – and take one day at a time.
    Thanks for zipping up our blog for the year!

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  3. Life intercedes. But if we writers, and everybody else who has a life, really wants to accomplish something important or frankly just get those things done that we have to get done, we will find the time. And it’s those “life” things that make it all worth
    while. Here’s to 2019 and getting a few things done. Happy New Year.

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    1. I agree, Gayle. To accomplish whatever you want in life, you need to just do it, whatever way works for you. At least now that I’m a full-time writer, I should (and I stress SHOULD) be able to accomplish my writing faster and more efficiently!

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  4. Thanks for this post. It is so timely for I haven’t been productive with my writing . Realizing the holidays come once a year I resolved to enjoy them and not chastise myself. I think this week , what’s left of it, will be better!
    Happy New Year, Linda.

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  5. I would say I’m on a writing hiatus, but I always have some story brewing in my mind and I consider that part of the writing process. But, since no one can read my mind (hopefully), I’m announcing my NY resolution to get the words on paper/computer. Linda, your holiday season sounds lovely.

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    1. It’s always fun to come up with ideas and plot them in my mind, but I always find it’s also a good thing to get them into readable form. So, I like your NY resolution. Hope it works out well!

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  6. Although my deadlines are self-imposed, I can relate, Linda. Life gets busy, especially when I travel, so I agree with Maggie. Sometimes all you can do is think about projects, jot down notes and wait until you can resolve to sit down and write.

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