Launching a New Adventure

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Hi again! It’s me: Thunder, the PR Rep for some of the Writers in Residence. This job is taking up so much of my nap and play time that I hired an intern. That’s her, Bailey, behind me in the photo. She’s learning the ropes, but since she’s not even a year old, she’s easily distracted by squirrels and other moving objects.

But I digress.

I’m here today to tell you about a brand-new book by Bonnie Schroeder (that’s my mom.) We are beyond excited to share the news that Write My Name on the Sky has just been published by Champlain Avenue Books!

Here’s the official press release, written by Bonnie of course, since dogs don’t think this kind of stuff up themselves:

Write My Name on the Sky is the story of Kate Prescott, a 1960s college dropout who marries art student Jack Morrison and helps him become famous. Then things go off the rails, as they must in a novel.FrontCoverOnly300dpi (002)

The book’s title is a metaphor for ambition and its dark side. Many of the characters in the novel are wildly ambitious—and ambition often drives success, but at a cost, which comes out as the story progresses.

All names have been changed to protect both innocent and guilty, of course, and most of the story events are purely imaginary, but it’s grounded enough in reality to make it believable—and, I hope, entertaining to read. Based on the early reviews, readers seem to agree so far.

The book is available wherever good books are sold (online of course, and mostly by special order at physical bookstores, although Flintridge Bookstore & Coffeehouse in La Canada will always have it in stock.)


All right, my work here is done. For now. It’s past my nap time. See you around the book universe.

Happy Summer Reading!Bonnie_Schroeder-McCarthy-Photo-Studio-Los-Angeles-7187

–Thunder and Bonnie

11 thoughts on “Launching a New Adventure”

  1. Thunder, you are quite the PR rep! And yes, I’m definitely looking forward to reading Bonnie’s latest book–have my copy already, just waiting for that perfect time. Do endless dog bisquits and dog chews come with Bailey’s Internship? I’ve heard there’s a lot of competition out there these days.
    (Bonnie, great post from Thunder, loved it! And much success with your latest. Yahoo!)

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    1. Thanks so much, Madeline. And yes, Bailey had to pass an important test to qualify for the internship: namely, don’t chew on the book!


  2. Thunder, you and your new trainee are doing a great job promoting books by The Writers in Residence ladies. This new book by Bonnie is definitely a tour de force covering the life of a woman who gets into a life she doesn’t think she can handle until she looks inside and finds herself.

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  3. You guys and your dogs!! How clever! I guess they are stepping forward after our last go-around of posts featuring pets and writing. Thunder, you look so sophisticated in your new position. (PS: Ask your owner to give you a Facebook day too! Maybe Thunder Thursdays. Naomi Hirahara has Tulo (her dog) Tuesdays!) With you on board, Write My Name on the Sky” should make it up there with the stars!

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    1. Thanks, Jackie. I asked for my own FB day but Mom says I’m too busy working and studying to pass the therapy dog evaluation. She’s such a slave driver.

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  4. That is too cute, Bonnie! I love your shameless use of Thunder and friends to promote everyone’s books. They seem happy to oblige. And I love the new cover of Write My Name On the Sky… well done!

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