Collections and Anthologies – Get Your Writing Out There!

Most writers have those short stories hanging around. Sometimes they have been published through magazines, Amazon, or as blog posts. Don’t let them go to waste! (If you have the rights to them.)

This year, I’m putting together all of my short stories – those with a winter theme – and coming out with a collection to introduce my various characters. The advantages?

  • Readers who might not invest in an entire novel could be willing to discover new characters through short stories.
  • Every time a writer comes out with a new book, he or she increases the odds of being found online.
  • It’s a good reminder that books that revolve around a season or an event sell better: holidays, weddings, seasons etc.

I went to Book Boxed Set to buy my template for the cover. Thank you for coming up with this template!!  My collection will be called “Murder Takes a Chill” or “The Chill of Murder”.

In fact, take the survey to let me know which title you like better or to suggest your own. No personal information will be collected.

So, pull out those short stories and novellas, find a theme, and get them online already!


Jacqueline Vick is the author of over twenty published short stories, novelettes and mystery novels. Her April 2010 article for Fido Friendly Magazine, “Calling Canine Clairvoyants”, led to the first Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic mystery, Barking Mad About Murder. To find out more, visit her website at

8 thoughts on “Collections and Anthologies – Get Your Writing Out There!”

  1. Boxed Set – what a great idea. Wish I had some short stories hanging around, but don’t. Nonetheless, will keep your thoughts and ideas in mind–especially the idea of holidays and seasons as story themes. I need to expand my thinking. Informative post. Thanks!

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  2. A great way to recycle. And themed stories are a great idea. I’ll give you another title: Murder for the Holidays. It’s not been taken on Amazon like The Holiday Murders or A Holiday for Murder or Murder Takes a Holiday which has been used to death…

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    1. There are three Christmas stories, but the rest are just winter stories, so I thought I better stick with that so as not to disappoint. But it’s a great idea. So many called their collections “The Mystery Collection” or “A Collection of Mysteries.” Kind of vague.

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