Catching Up with Miko Johnston

I can honestly say writing has changed my life.
Shortly before the Writers in Residence blog folded, I decided to submit a short story to Sisters in Crime LA for publication in their 2010 anthology, Murder in La-La Land. The story was rejected, which devastated me. I resolved to get published in the next anthology and I’m pleased to say that two years later, my story, “By Anonymous” was included in LAst Exit to Murder.
Meanwhile I began polishing the novel I’d written, A Petal In The Wind, the first book in my series of three historical novels. While finishing the second book, two of my characters defied my attempts to keep them apart, which forced the need for a fourth novel to complete the series. After I finished book two, I intended to self publish the series. However, my Writers in Residence friends urged me to try traditional publishing first. Both Madeline and Bonnie recommended Champlain Avenue Books, so I queried the publisher regarding my first novel, mentioning I’d finished the second book and was writing number three. I’m thrilled to announce that on July 4th, Champlain offered me a two-book contract with options on the rest of the series. A Petal In The Wind was released in November; A Petal In The Wind II will be published in 2015.
Last year my husband and I moved from Southern California to Washington (the big one) and now live on Whidbey Island. We still have our house in SoCal, which we visit several times a year. I schedule our trips to LA so I can join my Writers in Residence friends for our monthly lunch date. I’ve been fortunate to meet gifted writers in my new hometown who’ve become dear friends over the past year as well. As they say, “New friends and old, silver and gold”, which is why writing has truly changed my life.

5 thoughts on “Catching Up with Miko Johnston”

  1. We rejoice WITH you on your success. You have helped us all so much with your insightful critiques, and now we can share in your good fortune. We look forward to the second in your beautiful series!


  2. Writers groups, whether it be ours or another one, are great for encouraging us not to give up. If writing was a dream that few could achieve, how dismal the book-world would be. New avenues have opened and the possibilities are endless. So glad you are seeing your dream come true.


  3. Congratulations on the success you so richly deserve. I am almost as thrilled as you are to see “Petal” out there in the world of published novels. Your participation in our critique group(s) has been invaluable to me; your feedback is always spot-on and helpful.


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