Catching Up With Jacqueline Vick

Where to start.

It’s been an incredible ride of highs and lows, and all along the WinRs were there to support me, even those who weren’t yet officially part of the group.  We may not see each other face-to-face that often (on my part) but this incredible group of women are the best.

In October of 2011, the hubby took a major fall off a ladder at work and wound up with emergency brain surgery, titanium in his collarbone, and months of rehabilitation.  Through the prayers of many and the Grace of God, both of us made it through that tough time without any scars. (Well, hubby has scars, but scars are manly on men.)

I went through the same rigmarole that each and every one of you who writes goes through. Is this working? Why am I even doing this? I’m a sham! Maybe I should write romances instead, though I don’t like graphic scenes. Maybe the leads can just be friends. Maybe I should renew my insurance license instead.

When I look at what I have listed on Amazon, I actually managed to produce more than I thought I had.  There have been several short stories and a few novels, including the Frankie Chandler, Pet Psychic mysteries, which seem to be popular with readers. (A Bird’s Eye View of Murder, has just been released in paperback and Kindle.)

I’m hard at work on Civility Rules, a Harlow Brothers mystery, and I have a mystery involving a priest–a former exorcist–who’s been condemned to work at an all-girl high school. And the third Pet Psychic mystery is written in my head. So there is a lot on my plate!

I think that as you read the Catching Up With posts, you will find that each of us has been extremely active. I’m so pleased that we’re back together again with two new members, and my hope is that you’ll find plenty to entertain and inform you here at Writers in Residence!

6 thoughts on “Catching Up With Jacqueline Vick”

  1. You are very modest in your update, Jack. What a lot of books you have. And…. I am waiting, waiting, with bated breath and chomping on the bit and any other metaphor you can think of for……. CIVILITY RULES! Make it happen soon. The premise for this mystery is so clever and fun. And… can you whip out a few more of those kids books that debunk favorite Old Wives Tales? So good to have you at the WinR helm!


  2. I'm happy that your hubby is doing well. And I'm impressed at your productivity! I'll have to run fast to catch up with my author friends who seem to churn out endless books. Hope you new books hit the market soon!


  3. Jack, You have accomplished so much: caring for your husband, keeping up YOUR blog, working on the SistersinCrime events–and writing all those books and stories in your “spare” time. I love the pet psychic conccept and look forward to your getting that third one from your head to the page. And a very public THANK-YOU for being the driving force behind resurrecting this blog.


  4. Jackie V., You have been one busy gal. I have had the privilege of reading most of your work and love the wit and sarcasm that is evenly applied within the pages. I'm not familiar with the priest story, but as soon as it is available, I shall become an instant fan. And as others in our group have said, thanks for kick-starting the blog. Readers will have fun seeing what new books are out there from our prolific group.


  5. Just ordered a Bird's Eye View of Murder, can't wait! And the Harlow Bros and the priest to look for in the future–yeah–I love your characters and writing as you know. Looking forward!



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