Interview with Law of Attraction Coach Jen Connon Part II

Jennifer Connon is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach/Practitioner. She has studied Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, New Thought, Science of Mind and Metaphysics passionately for the past few years. Jennifer enjoys teaching and coaching others on this important law of the universe.
Jennifer can be contacted via email at or phone at 630-346-6650.

Continued from yesterday….

You say that we should focus on the positive. That’s very difficult when we are assaulted on all sides by propaganda, negative images and sales pitches that feed off fear.

First thing I would say is stop watching the news – as much anyway. I don’t watch it at all. I scan the newspaper enough to stay informed of the world affairs and then read the articles that are positive and uplifting (sometimes I even cut them out). Some people say that you should watch all of the devastation and suffering going on in the world. I say that you can be aware of it but you don’t need to wallow in it. The more time you spend focused on suffering the more you are adding suffering to your vibration. And not just adding it to your own vibration, but the whole world. Oh we could go on and on here with Quantum Physics and how everything is connected and the studies that have been done about how when monks meditated in war zones the fighting actually ceased for the time they were meditating, etc. But I am digressing from your original question…

You can’t ward anything off. As soon as you try to resist something it gets bigger. Whatever you resist persists. I don’t remember the exact quote but consider what Mother Theresa said about war. “I won’t go to a march against war, but if you have a march for peace I’ll be there.” Don’t push against. Replace with a positive thought. You always have the choice to change your focus. It takes a little practice, but fortunately with the way LOA works, the more you do it the easier it is.

Conversely the more you look at negative media hype, the more you will find. And yes it is in large part fear-based advertising isn’t it? Here’s another trick – record everything on tv and fast forward through those ads. I won’t let my son watch anything that hasn’t been recorded first. He doesn’t need to see 15 different ads for 15 different medical conditions he could possibly get someday and then hear all of the side effects for each drug they’re recommending. I once heard about a pharmaceutical company who had extra money one year and began running lots of ads for a drug to relieve restless leg syndrome. Prior to their ads, restless leg syndrome was almost unheard of. After the ads began running, there was a huge increase of diagnosis of people with RLS. After a couple of years, the company’s ad campaign ran out and guess what – the instances of RLS dramatically decreased. Surprising? Not really.

You have to know within you that all is really well and follow your own internal guidance. Follow what feels good. If you are looking at something and it doesn’t feel good to you, then it is not good for you. Meaning, you are currently focused on something that if you continue to focus there you will attract more like it into your life. Very simply if you are feeling upbeat, light and easy then you are attracting good things into your life. If you are feeling grumpy, fearful, anxious then you are attracting those types of experiences. You are literally pre-paving your life by what you choose to focus on.

One last thing – you mentioned it’s difficult not to be cynical; it’s difficult not to look at life as ½ empty. Try to rephrase that to something positive like – I’m looking forward to finding more reasons to see life as ½ full. Remember it is totally up to you what you focus on and the way you look at it. No one can force you to see it a certain way. That’s the beauty of freedom of thought. Don’t make what “they” say so important. It’s what you think that counts.

How does this process help a person and, more specifically, how could this help writers?

Samuel Clemens once said, “What work I have done I have done because it has been play. If it had been work I shouldn’t have done it.” There is quite a bit of LOA in that statement. It is easy to do anything when we are enjoying it. When a writer is completely in the moment and allowing the ideas to flow forth without worry, without struggle, then it is almost effortless. Working with the principle behind LOA, one learns to allow more good to flow into one’s life, to let go of the need to fight through it and push against. Remember, whatever you push against, pushes back with an equal and opposite force (Newton).

Also, what writer doesn’t want to be published? A LOA Coach could work with a writer on becoming more successful in that, or really any, area.

For those who are interested, how does this work? Are there classes or one-on-one sessions? Are there a minimum number of sessions required?

I do indeed offer classes on this subject. If you are interested and live in the Chicago area, let me know and I will keep you informed on when and where classes are being held. Otherwise, as a coach I offer one-on-one sessions which can be done in person but are more commonly conducted over the phone.

It is set up as a “bank” of time that I ask you to purchase (minimum: 3 hours = $180.00). There is great flexibility in how those 3 hours can be used. You can use as little as 15 minutes for a session or as much as 1.5 hrs. depending on what your needs are at that time.
Included in that price is unlimited emails in order to clarify something or answer a fairly simple question in between our sessions. The last option is coaching via email only. This includes one month of unlimited emailing – it is regular coaching but through email as some people’s preferred mode of communication is through the written word (you wouldn’t know anyone like that would you?) and would be as lengthy as needed for $180.00/mnth.

What’s one piece of advice or wisdom you’d like to leave with our readers?

If you accept the principle that we attract into our lives whatever we give our energy, attention and focus to, then it makes sense to give energy, attention and focus to the things we love in our lives.
One of the best exercises a person can do is to make time every day (preferably before bed) to write down all of the things that happened that day that were good – no matter how small. A smile from a stranger, helping someone out, a funny email, a hug from a child, an unexpected check in the mail or finding money on the ground, whatever it was that felt good and brought a smile. Write it down and give that good stuff some focus for awhile. Try that out for a couple of weeks and see what happens…

In the words of singer Jack Johnson, “Who’s to say what’s impossible and can’t be found?”

Thank you, Jennifer!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Law of Attraction Coach Jen Connon Part II”

  1. I like the “end-of-the-day” exercise,Jennifer. We used to do that with our young sons to get them ready for sleep. It would definitely set your mind onto pleasant things and help to prevent nightmares. I have a further suggestion, along with those “good” events to think on, call to mind memorized scripture verses. Like this says, “Whatever things are honest…just…pure…lovely…of good report…any virtue, and praise … think on these things.” Philippians 4:8


  2. Both of these interviews were very inspirational. Whatever your line of work, or whatever your dreams, thinking positively will help them bloom. Great interview.


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