The WinRs are Brainstorming

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Berlin, Frauen beim Selbststudium, Weiterbildung.jpg

Writers need to take time to regroup, restore, and refill their mental reservoirs! 

The members of Writers in Residence are off this week to do just that. We’ll be back again next week with a post from Miko Johnston!

Until then, keep your pencils sharp and your typing fingers limber.

4 thoughts on “The WinRs are Brainstorming”

  1. And I have just returned from an amazing visit to London and Greece with my siblings. And what great stories am I coming up with, after all those leisurely meals and long walks in the Greek villages… So now I need time to get over my jet-lag and unscramble my brain. And I have to forego the ice-cream for a while after all the weight I gained from the aforementioned leisurely meals that all seemed to end in honey-balls (tiny donuts drenched in honey!) and green ice-cream! Get thee behind me Satan!


  2. Writers do need a break, but usually when I do that I spend my time working on some other piece of writing. It's in my blood, in my heart, and in my soul. Write on.


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