Writing Resolutions for 2015

There is something about the new year for writers. It’s like opening up a blank notebook (or a blank screen, if you prefer) and knowing that you can write your own life story for 2015. Creative types are naturally optimistic and, yes, a bit indomitable, and that spurs us on to think we can do even better in next twelve months, no matter how successfully we tackled the previous year. 

Here are the 2015 Writing Resolutions from the WinRs. We hope they encourage and inspire you to do the same. Share your own writing resolutions in the comments!

My #1 resolution is to complete my “famous artist’s ex-wife novel!”

                                              Bonnie Schroeder

I remember a speaker at an AWG meeting saying that everything changes when you go from being a “talented amateur” to a professional. Now that I’ve been published, my writing resolution is to work, think, and act like a professional writer.

                                               Miko Johnston

Actually, I did make a New Years resolution–something I seldom do. It’s to keep in mind (remind myself on a daily basis!) that life is short. Do it now, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

                                                M.M. Gornell

As 2015 opens its doors, I have several things I want to do. I want to publish some of the first books I wrote and I also want to work on a new project. This one is about a dead detective who gets a second chance. Second Chance is the title. The character won’t leave me alone, so I guess I have to write more. Happy New Year, Everybody.

                                                     G.B. Pool

My writing resolution is actually just my own common-sense reinforcement of what has become a very good way to start each day. Write something every day. For me, first thing in the morning works best. It doesn’t have to be a slog on your Great American Novel or an award-winning short story right out of the gate. Just write. 

After all, you can always go back and fix what you have written, but the only way to fix a blank page is to write something on it.
                                                   Kate Thornton

Mine would be to be more consistent in posting on my two personal blogs.

                                                  Jackie Houchin

Sometimes writers forget that writing is a business. I want to put on my left-brained cap more often when it comes to scheduling and keeping deadlines. It’s too easy to get distracted by new ideas! 

                                                      Jacqueline Vick

I pulled out my Lottie files and started some notes for the next literary agent who will get the chance to read about Lottie, so I guess I have my New Year’s resolution!

                                                     Rosemary Lord

4 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions for 2015”

  1. Oh Miko and Jackie – how I echo those resolutions. I'm so full of good intentions, but I seem to turn around and I'm about to be late for something else! This year I promised myself I would act on those intentions…


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